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7 Convenient Benefits of Using Bitcoins for Products and Services

Bitcoin Trading costs less for both the buyer and the seller because it does not involve any bank or financial institutions. A Bitcoin is a digital currency which can be sent to anyone through the internet without the use of any middleman. 1 bitcoin is currently valued at USD 103.7. Bitcoins are recognized as legitimate forms of payment for the purchase of products and services. There are a lot of ways to procure Bitcoins.

What Are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a form of currency that is cryptographic in nature. This form of digital currency is safe and secure to use because they are controlled by a computer program which gives them the ability to be stable at all times. Bitcoins are not owned by any particular entity because they are open-source and decentralized. The exchange of Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Software (Bitcoin Robot) is not regulated by any bank or financial institution. Bitcoins can be used to pay for products and services.

What Is a Bitcoin Transaction?

Bitcoins are currencies used in the Bitcoin System. “BTC” is the most commonly used shorthand for Bitcoins. A bitcoin can be a physical coin with its value embedded on the face similar to a regular coin. However it has been created as a number corresponding to a Bitcoin address. This is how a bitcoin transaction works:

  1. Install an e-wallet in your computer to be able to generate a Bitcoin address.
  2. Each Biscoin e-wallet has a private key corresponding to the particular bitcoin address.
  3. A bitcoin transaction occurs when there is a transfer of bitcoin values between 2 bitcoin addresses within the block chain.
  4. The private key signs the transaction between 2 bitcoin addresses through a mathematical proof. The signatures on the private keys are safe and secure because once they are issued they cannot be modified by anybody.
  5. The process of mining confirms a successful transaction between the sender and receiver of the bitcoins.

The Block Chain, Private Keys and Mining

The best way to appreciate how bitcoins work is to understand the basic terminologies that come with its use.

  • Block Chain. A block chain is “logbook” of all the public transactions within the Bitcoin Software (Bitcoin Robot).  This is the core of the Bitcoin system. All bitcoin transactions are documented and stored in the block chain. It is in the block chain where transactions are confirmed. The block chain uses cryptography to document all the bitcoin transactions.
  • Private Keys. Each Biscoun address in the Biscoin system has a private key. Private keys are used to confirm transactions.
  • Mining. Mining is the process used to confirm bitcoin transactions in the block chain. Through mining, the transactions in the block chain are arranged chronologically. A transaction is confirmed in the block chain when the cryptographic rules are satisfied. Mining prevents any individual from controlling what transpires in the block chain so that no rollbacks can be made by anyone.

Acquiring Bitcoins

There are a lot of known ways to acquire Bitcoins, the most common being through the Bitcoin Market.  Here is how it works:

  • Bitcoins can be acquired through Bitcoin Trading of money, products and services with individuals who have bitcoins.
  • Trading is done through mining.
  • The process of mining entails the use of the Bitcoin Software (BTC Robot) that generates the mathematical equations to document the transfer of bitcoins from one address to another.
  • Once you have acquired bitcoins, these can be used as payments for the online purchase of goods and services with merchants that accept bitcoins as forms of payments.

Where to Use Bitcoins

Bitcoins are one of the newest currencies in the world. If you have acquired bitcoins the first question that comes to mind is: “Where can I use my bitcoins?” The Bitcoin Market is composed of a lot of ways you can mine, invest, buy or sell your bitcoins and of course just like all currencies, spend it. There are a lot of participating merchants in the Bitcoin System.

  • For contributions and donations. Some charitable institutions and question and answer sites have registered with the Bitcoin system to accept contributions and donations.
  • Online Gaming. There are a good number of online gaming sites that accept bitcoins as a deposit currency to start playing online. You can also sell some of your online gaming rewards using bitcoins.
  • Digital Music. Coindl is the Bitcoin System’s counterpart of iTunes.
  • VPS and Domain Registration. Using your bitcoins you will be able to buy a couple of months’ subscription for your VPS and domain name registrations.
  • Products and Services. More and more online merchants are accepting bitcoins as payment methods for products and services. Some cities in the US and Europe also have restaurants that accept bitcoins as payments. Of course online stores for clothing, electronics, accessories and the like also accept bitcoins.

Why Use Bitcoins?

The most important feature of bitcoins is the fact that it is safe and secure to use. There are other digital currencies other than Bitcoins. However, the Bitcoin System is the safest and most secure. Here are some of the benefits why you should use the Bitcoin Trading system:

  1. Prevents double spending. The Bitcon System is the only one that shows all transactions by way of a public list. Each time a new Bitcoin transaction is made, the digital currency is checked to make sure that the said digital currency has not been previously used. This ensures that a specific digital currency can only be used once. This eliminates double spending of 1 bitcoin.
  2. No Transaction Fees. Using Bitcoins or Satoshis (fractions of Bitcoins) can be converted into traditional currencies without any transaction fees. There are several exchanges that can convert Bitcoins to real money. Bitcoins can also be transferred from one Bitcon address to another through special software across the internet without a transaction fee.
  3. Lower Risk of Inflation. Bitcoins have been created to be finite. Unlike traditional currencies where printing is continuous (which could result in higher inflation rates), the mining (release) of Bitcoins will only be limited to 21 million Bitcoins.
  4. Lower Risk of Collapse. Since the use of Bitcoins is not regulated by any government, there is no way it can be affected by the rise and fall of any government.
  5. Simple, Cheap and Easy to Use. Using BItcoins as a payment option is simple and easy because transfers to the bitcoin address of a merchant is easily done through the special software. Even if you have billions worth of Bitcoins, it is easy to carry because this virtual currency can easily be stored on your memory stick.
  6. You remain anonymous. The problem with using Credit Cards as a payment option is the fact that your personal details can be used for Identity Theft. Using Bitcoins keeps your details anonymous.
  7. Bitcoins Cannot Be Stolen. No one can grab or steal your bitcoins because they are secured by the transaction database. As a Bitcoin owner you have the freedom to use your bitcoins.

Bitcoins function similarly as a traditional currency. As such they are accepted as a legitimate payment system by a lot of online and real world merchants. The Bitcoin Market ensures a safe and secure digital mobile payment.        

How Would You Like To Win 1 Copy of BTC Robot – 1st Bitcoin Robot

==> Enter The Contest Here! <==

We Are Giving Away The Following:
4 Silver Licences @ 149 each
2 Gold Licences @ 248 each
1 Platinum Licence @ 498


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